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Why You Should Choose a 3PL Partner That Offers Repackaging

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Repackaging can look like a few different things based upon your business’ needs, but first and foremost it means moving your product into a new container or configuration to help meet your customers’ needs. Maybe you want to start offering a three-pack of your most popular product or have recently changed your brand name and need to put the existing products into matching packages. 

These kinds of decisions can happen quickly, so you want to be working with a third party logistics provider who can get the job done without the need of shipping product back to your manufacturer or doubling your product storage space. But there’s more repackaging can offer your business as well:


Repackaging as a Branding Technique

If your goods arrive in unmarked boxes or in packages with a farm or manufacturers’ details on it, repackaging can be a good tool to improve your branding recognition. Having accurately labeled packaging helps a customer verify the source of the products, which comes in handy when making recommendations to family and friends or when they’re ready to reorder your product. 

Branded packaging is especially important to eliminate confusion with direct to consumer orders made online. Shared mailrooms in apartment buildings and office locations are hectic and have varied reliability in the best of circumstances. Don’t let your orders go unnoticed. 


Repackaging for Custom Orders

It’s likely your business has one or two flagship products with a good reputation and a lot of brand loyalty. Most businesses do. But small changes to customize these products like the configuration, combining a few products into a kit, or changing the color of one or two pieces can increase revenues from new and existing customers who are enticed by the new features. 

Rather than investing in warehousing costs for each of these customized products, instead store the original product and the pieces for customization and utilize repackaging services to re-kit your most popular products for new markets at a fraction of the cost and supply chain risk. 


Repackaging to Optimize Truck Space

Oftentimes products come from the manufacturer in packaging that suits their needs when distributing to clients like you. This can mean many products are packaged together in configurations that are inconvenient for your clients down the supply chain, who may need an odd number of products or won’t be selling in bulk sets. 

You could just ship the box of product in the same package and remove the number of products your client doesn’t need, but then your products are taking up more space in a truck. This can lead to higher shipping costs because of the hauler’s inability to put more product in the same amount of space, and the spare room in the package can lead to your product shifting mid-transit, which could potentially damage it. Instead, repackage the products for your client’s convenience and fully harness truck capacity while reducing shipping costs. 

Choosing a 3PL that will cover your business’ needs as you grow and change can be hard to imagine. But working with a logistics partner that has the capability to repackage your products will help your improve your relationships with your customers and keep you moving quickly when you need it most. Reach out to our team to find out more about repackaging services and other ways we’re making long-term logistics plans more flexible.   

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