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What to Look for in a Supply Chain Employer

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Times are changing. It’s a worker’s market for the first time in a long time, which means you’ve got enough power to find a position that doesn’t just pay the bills but takes care of you and your family better than before. This is true for supply chain positions as well. Employers are offering more. But how can you suss out the lip service from those really committed to treating you better?

Clearly Communicated Compensation

Gone are the days where “competitive” is a valuable answer to how much a position will pay. Workers have a right to know if a job will meet their financial needs before taking the time to update their resume, write a cover letter, and participate in multiple rounds of interviews. If a company’s pay really is competitive, they should be more than happy to let you know what it is early in the process. So, if they don’t advertise it like we do, be sure to ask early in the process. An employer who hides behind their answer has something to hide.

Opportunity for Advancement

Supply chain work was once considered a great part-time gig for college students or a way to make some cash while you’re looking for a real job. Not only is this no longer the case, the truth is that all jobs are worthy of respect, dignity, and a livable wage. This means that you shouldn’t have to advance in your career to live comfortably, but you should be able to if you want to. Supply chain work is a lifelong career, not an odd job. Find a company that knows this, and they’re more likely to take care of you from the beginning.

Robust Health and Wellness Programs

It’s been set in law. Any employer paying you for 30 hours of work each week is required to supply health insurance to its employees. It’s the actual bare minimum. So, if you’re looking at a list of benefits and they only mention healthcare, it’s a good indicator they’re putting in the bare minimum elsewhere. Our business is nothing without a strong and healthy team, which is why we offer additional programs like free life insurance up to $25k, disability insurance, a smoking cessation program, and wellness programs to help our workers meet their health goals be it to lose weight, eat more healthily, gain muscle mass, increase flexibility, and more.

Innovation in Employment, Not Just Service

Whenever you’re looking for a new employment opportunity, we always suggest looking into the marketing materials and information that company is making public beyond their careers page. You’re likely to find communication about what the company is doing to innovate for their clients, but which companies are talking about innovation for their workers? Maybe they’re introducing more effective training technologies, improving safety conditions, or responding to changes in worker feedback. While you’re largely going to be double checking there’s no negative backlash on employees, occasionally you may find an employer sharing new successes. Those are the opportunities worth extra consideration.

A Culture You Can Thrive on

The part of the job that is going to look the most different from employer to employer is company culture, and every worker is going to have different goals, family life, and support needs. Some people love a fast-paced, competitive environment. Others do their best work as part of a supportive team. For us, we love our family-first culture steeped in more than 80 years of history. Combine that with a c-suite that’s grown up with the business, still takes the time to ask questions of workers, and stays engaged with every aspect of the business. It’s a perfect option for our employees. But is that the right choice for you?

There’s no magic way to be certain that a job is going to be the right fit for your goals and lifestyle, but there are a few tricks to make sure you’re landing in a closer ballpark. Combing through the careers page for an employer is a great start, but there’s nothing as useful as asking the right questions during an interview. Remember, you’re trying to find the right position as much as they’re trying to find the right worker. If what we’ve said sounds like a match for your needs, check out our open positions. If not, no worries and good luck in your search!

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