Warehousing Certifications Can Lead to Industry Employee Opportunities

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With the meteoric rise of eCommerce, the warehousing industry has experienced significant growth. Since 2000, warehouse employment has risen 90% to answer the demand. As warehouse expansion continues, employees are finding there is more room for upward mobility. Warehousing is genuinely a career where one can start “in the mailroom” and make it to the top.


The beauty of the warehousing industry is that it doesn’t discriminate and welcomes a wide net of people from every walk of life. It’s also an industry where a high school dropout could realize tremendous upward mobility by learning the trade and supplementing experience with education. Let’s talk about how warehousing certifications can pave a path for employees who are looking to turn a job into a career.


Employment Opportunities in the Warehouse Industry Offer an Equal Playing Field 

There are some industries which provide a more significant opportunity for anyone with a serious work ethic to rise in the ranks. The logistics industry also understands the importance of experience since logistics is mostly a detailed, hands-on type of business. One study observed the importance of working in the right sector for upward mobility saying, “Many blue-collar industries like manufacturing, logistics, and wholesale trade are what economists call “tradable” industries, those that face stiffer competition because they sell most of their products and services to customers outside their local market.” These industries offer a greater ability to “climb the ladder” since they are growing markets which continue to expand, therefore, making more jobs to fill and new positions to maintain and manage them. Opportunities are available in the various sectors of warehousing such as warehouse management, supply chain management, customer service, sales, finance and accounting, and transportation management. In essence, there are many opportunities for an entry-level “picker” to one day be a Warehouse Manager or Director of Customer Service.


What are Warehousing Certifications?

While the industry is booming, there are only so many upper-level positions which need to be filled each year. An employee can get a leg up on the competition by earning warehouse certifications. Warehousing certifications are continuing education programs which focus on a specific skill. Most courses can be completed in a few weeks and issue a certificate right away. These certifications are also available online or taught as a hybrid of online and onsite.


The Warehousing Certifications in the Highest Demand

While all continuing education is valuable, some certifications are more in demand than others and can be a real asset for employee growth. These certifications represent both general and detailed skill sets that make employees stand out during the interview process. Just a few of these include:


  • Certified Material and Resource Professional (Association for Healthcare Resource and Materials Management)
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Fundamentals
  • Warehouse Operations and Management Training
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM) Certificate
  • Warehousing and Inventory Control
  • Forklift Operator Certification


These certifications reflect a small selection of the certifications that are out there. Employees looking to move up at their current company should choose certifications with their company in mind. For instance, if a company’s business comes extensively from ColdPharma, focusing on certifications in that vein may be most helpful.


As the warehousing industry steadily grows, so does the opportunity for employees of all backgrounds. Earning warehousing certifications helps turn those opportunities into upward mobility. We at MWCold firmly believe in growing from within as it aligns with our mission to provide a family environment where employees can find acceptance, opportunity, and purpose.

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