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The ROI of Investing in Your Supply Chain Workers

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At MWCold, we believe that investing in our workers is the same as investing in our business. When we do, we find a huge return for our bottom line and our customer experience. Let’s get into it:

How We Invest in Our Employees

Our team has opportunities above and beyond what is typical for a supply chain position because we want to attract above and beyond average workers. Here’s a peek at some of the benefits, trainings, and career growth opportunities we provide:

  • The Standard Expectations
    • 2+ Weeks of PTO
    • Health Insurance
    • 401K
  • Opportunities for Training
    • OSHA, SQF, and ongoing safety systems training
    • Virtual Reality Forklift Training
    • WFLO 3-year management training program
  • Additional Health Services
    • Onsite Employee Fitness Center
    • Smoking Cessation Program
    • Employee Wellness Program
    • $25 Wellness Insurance Incentive
    • Mental Health Resources
    • Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Resources
  • Community-Building Activities
    • The Blast Monthly All Hands Meeting
    • Joint Outreach Programs
    • Monthly Drawings for Merit-Based Bonuses
    • Christmas and Thanksgiving Bonuses
    • Health and wellness competitions
  • …and more!

What We Receive for Our Investment

The MWCold value system is built upon taking care of our customers and employees, but we continue to provide more for our team because we see how that investment comes back to us tenfold. Each benefit, training, and opportunity we provide our team creates value for our business and reduces costs for our customers. Here’s how:

  • Lower Turnover Rates – Workers don’t want to lose a job with flexibility and community.
  • High-Quality Customer Service – When we take care of our workers’ needs, they’re capable of being more present, compassionate, and patient with our customers and providing great supply chain services.
  • Investment in our Business Objectives – Well-cared-for workers want to help their company succeed and buy into new programs that make their lives possible.
  • Knowledgeable Staff – A low turnover rate means our warehousing team has a lot of experience under their belts, which allows them to make quick decisions and eliminate defects.
  • Collaborative Problem Solving – When you combine knowledgeable staff, new trainings, and new business objectives, you’re met with an unmatched ability to come up with new solutions.
  • Improved Warehouse SafetyInvesting time into safety systems training on a regular basis keeps the basics top-of-mind and reduces errors and expensive worker’s comp.
  • Labor Shortage Protections – Fostering a culture of support and room for growth while increasing compensation competitively makes workers think twice about leaving for another position.

In our 70+ years of experience in the business, we’ve come to find that cutting costs by limiting employee benefits, wages, and satisfaction can create a lot of unexpected costs like hiring or workman’s comp that can run quite high since they can’t be planned for. For this reason, we hope to continue expanding the benefits we’re able to provide our employees while expanding our warehousing space and customer base. All of these objectives make it possible for us to give great service and enrich our community all at once. And if you’re going to spend money either way, why not do it in a way that helps the team you’ve built?

Does this sound like a community you’d like to be part of? Contact our sales team to learn more about how to become a satisfied customer of MWCold, or you can take a look at our recruitment website if you’re interested in a warehouse career.

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