The Benefits of Working with a Family-Owned 3PL Provider


We are proud of our longstanding history here at the Crossroads of America. MWCold was founded in 1951 by Howard D. Foley with the dream of making the logistics industry a safe and dependable business to support families in this community. Three generations later, we believe we have a lot to offer to improve our customers’ supply chains and their client experience at the same time. Here’s how: 


Competitive Pricing with a Bigger Impact

Our C-Suite team has worked their way up from sweeping the floors as teenagers. You’re not paying for a drive-by CEO looking for their next salary increase or a retail stockholder’s dividend. Our pricing goes directly into the pockets of our team and improving operations to make your supply chain more reliable, more rapid and more responsive. So, you’ll see your dollars go further. 


Personalized Customer Care

When you’re a family-owned enterprise, good business means more than profit. Family business is a legacy, a community, and an opportunity for stability across generations. These things make it vitally important to treat customers as more than a number on a piece of paper.  

At MWCold, our family business allows us to provide flexibility to our customers. Your warehousing, inspection, and fulfillment needs may not come standard, which is why our team is ready to provide personalized shipping solutions to best serve your customers. 


A Long History of Good Service

We’ve been in this business a long time. (70 years, to be exact!) Many of our team members grew up in these warehouses. As such, we have a lot of exposure to what great service has looked like in this industry and how it has changed over the decades. 

You can feel rest assured your product distribution is in good hands because we have a long history of it. Don’t let your fulfillment provider change drastically under new management. Our management team has been steadfast and providing value for our customers for three generations. 


A Close-Knit Team

Success in business means more to us than just a paycheck. It means prosperity for our whole extended family. Because of this, we’re able to get together quickly to solve problems and prioritize your needs. Pitching in as a team, our family is available to take emergency communications from our customers 24/7. 

And as more of our family has grown to join the workforce, we’ve learned the value of crowdsourcing our client relations. That’s why every member of the MWCold team now participates in weekly reviews and brainstorming sessions we call The Blast to uncover new ways to improve safety and systems from every discipline of our business.


Here at MWCold, we’re believers that helping our customers achieve their business objectives will help us succeed as well. We work to keep pricing competitive, provide personalized solutions, take care of our own, and put customer service first as a way of improving your supply chain experience. We’re here to pick up the slack and keep the trucks running on time so you can focus on what makes your business the best at what you do. 

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