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Temperature Matters in 3PL

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Since the 1700s, shippers have been dealing with the challenge of transporting temperature-sensitive goods. While it isn’t just keeping fish fresh, as it was for the shippers of old, today many companies feel the same challenge and turn to 3PLs to help them overcome it. Merchandise Warehouse is one of those 3PLs that companies turn to for their temperature-sensitive needs because of our best-in-class service required to ensure client satisfaction.
Properly preserving the temperature of perishable products is essential to maintain quality and safety through the supply chain to the consumer. Without proper temperature, products can degrade, discolor, bruise, and grow dangerous bacteria. Each step along the cold chain requires exceptional care to ensure product quality and optimize shelf life.
With 400,000 square feet of strategically located multi-temp space, Merchandise Warehouse takes temperature controlled storage, temperature monitoring, being a standout 3PL, and Key Performance Indicators seriously. In fact, one of the guiding principles is, “If you don’t measure, you can’t manage.” Through our web portal, customers have online, real-time access to activity reports, and inventory.  Merchandise Warehouse uses Key Performance Indicators to not only gauge where we are but also use them as the foundation for our success. Merchandise Warehouse guarantees the right product and quantity is shipped on time using our CIS (Continuous Improvement System), a robust software product that documents incidents and helps determine root causes and corrective action plans. In-house and third-party audits are conducted as required.  You can find our KPIs for Inventory Accuracy, Order Accuracy and Audits for the last few years on our website.
Merchandise Warehouse also offers quick freezing services. Our unique refrigerated air flow process freezes products faster than most other companies by pulling air through the levels of palletized product maximizing the surfaces areas reached by the air flow. The ability to accommodate up to 650 pallets in our quick freeze room allows for maximum efficiency and consistency. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to increase shelf life and finish the manufacturing process.

One of the most defining differences that enable Merchandise Warehouse to stand-out from competitors is our indoor rail access. Regardless of whether you are storing your product or cross-docking, our indoor rail access allows the option direct of unloading frozen and refrigerated products in a cooler environment and gives you the upper hand by keeping your products in refrigerated space at all times.


In short, Merchandise Warehouse takes not only temperature, but all aspects of client need to heart in every part of our organization. We guarantee quality by ensuring that everyone on our team is also on your team. Contact us today to experience the best in 3PL and warehousing services.

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