Our Services

Cold Storage & Warehousing Services

  • Multi-temp Warehouse Space
    Our company has two locations with over 560,000 sq. ft. of strategically located, sprinklered, multi-temp spaces offering inside rail, 38 doors, separate rooms with deep lane, racked, and bulk areas. We feature CCTV, EDI, WMS(Datex), RF scanners, a web portal with online, real-time access to activity reports, temperatures, climate monitoring and more.
  • Quick Freezing
    MWCold is proud to offer quick freezing services. Our refrigerated air flow process freezes products much more quickly than most of our competitors. We can accommodate up to 650 pallets in the quick freeze room.
  • Deep Freezing
    MWCold has deep freeze capabilities of -20 degrees F for Ice Cream
  • Deep Lane/Radio Shuttle
    The deep lane radio shuttle system we utilize is a high-density storage system that maintains selectivity, increases operation efficiency, and allows for maximum use of warehouse space.  We were able to install 14,000 pallet positions in space that conventionally would hold 9,000.
  • Tempering
    As greater importance is placed on distribution forecasting and on time delivery, our tempering capabilities offer remarkable flexibility in planning and modifying your needs.
  • Import/Export
    Whether you are looking to store products for an extended period of time or merely cross-dock your exports, MWCold has the abilities to accommodate your needs.
  • Cross Docking
    Taking advantage of our facility at the crossroads of America.  We are able to unload your product and directly load onto outbound trucks and rail cars.
  • Labeling
    MWCold offers a label and sticker application service perfect for promotional and shipping applications. Stickers or labels supplied on a continuous, nonperforated roll can be applied to flat corrugated cartons or filled cases for your products.
  • Inspection
    MWCold is FDA inspected, AIB certified and performs ongoing internal audits.
  • Leasing
    MWCold has warehousing and office space available.
  • Temperature monitoring
    We take responsibility for your products at all times. Our warehouse monitors standard refrigerator and freezer temperatures, as well as ultra-low freezer temperatures. No matter what your product is, we will keep it stored at the correct temperature.
  • Packaging
    MWCold carefully packs products with your packaging to present a strong, uniform brand image to your customers.
  • Inside Rail Service
    Our inside rail service is what sets us apart from our competitors. Whether you are unloading and storing within our warehouse or simply cross-docking your product, our inside rail services provide MWCold and your company the upper hand.
  • Pharmaceutical Storage
    MWCold has 50 years of experience with storing raw materials and finished pharmaceutical products in temperature and humidity-controlled rooms with temperature mapping.

Other services include:

  • Distribution
  • Food Service
  • Retail
  • Traditional Cold Storage
  • Direct to Consumer
  • Quick Thaw / Quick Freeze
  • Tech Capabilities