Reasons to Pursue a Career in Logistics

Have you ever thought about the trip your groceries take from raw ingredients on a farm to a food manufacturer to arrive at the store quickly with maximal freshness? You may be just the kind of curious mind that would perfectly fit a career in logistics. Many jobs in the logistics and supply chain industry are relatively invisible, so many people never consider them when selecting a profession.


The jobs in logistics that you see in everyday life, like delivery workers, are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the opportunities available. You may be surprised by what the industry has to offer workers of all backgrounds, ages, and skill levels. Here are just a few advantages to working in logistics and supply chain.


A Growing Industry

We are in an age where logistics providers are no longer just moving products from traditional manufacturers to stores. It’s also becoming the norm to move products from individual producers directly to homes all across America. The need for a dynamic logistics plan that can overcome a much broader set of hurdles means a demand for more strategists, delivery workers, technology specialists, and more employees with good customer service skills.


A Necessary Commodity

Our work in the logistics industry is essential! People need food, clothing, medication, and any other number of things every single day, and those things need to travel to where the people are when they need them. By being part of an industry that is a necessary component of everyday life, you can ensure that good work will be rewarded with job security, even in uncertain times.


An Opportunity for Advancement

Logistics is one of the last remaining industries your parents talked about with entry positions in a variety of disciplines and opportunities for blue-collar workers to grow into white-collar executives. As the logistics industry continues to grow and change in strategy, technology, and customer needs, more job opportunities continue to open up that allow for workers to learn new skillsets, challenge themselves, and continue improving their specialties throughout an entire career.


A Commitment to Your Well Being 

MWCold is a strong believer in creating a great work environment for our employees. That’s why we have committed to 39 benefits programs above and beyond a paycheck for employees in 2020, ranging from healthcare, 401k match, and paid holidays to tobacco treatment specialists, financial planners, and healthy lifestyle classes. When you’re part of the MWCold team, you’re a part of our family legacy.


We think the logistics and supply chain industry is one of the best options for a dynamic career that lasts a lifetime, though we may be a little biased! Who knows, maybe one day we will see you in our warehouse.

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