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Quick Guide to Quick Freezing—How Can it Improve Your Cold Chain?

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At MWCold, we offer a quick freeze service that can accommodate up to 650 palettes of product at one time—making it possible to freeze whole harvests in a matter of hours or days. But for those new to the refrigerated air flow process used in blast freezers, we’re here to tell you how it works and what you can expect from switching to our quick freezing technology.

What is Quick Freezing Technology?

Blast freezers are used to bring down the temperature of food and pharmacological products rapidly by forcing cold air between 14 and -184 degrees Fahrenheit. When water freezes at temperatures near 32 degrees Fahrenheit, the water molecules orient themselves in a lattice pattern of large ice crystals that damage the cell walls of any organic materials found inside the frozen products. But the quick freeze of a blast freezer doesn’t give water molecules the opportunity to build the damaging lattice structure, thereby forming small ice crystals that allow for more even thawing as well.

Advantages of Using a Quick Freeze Method

Now that you understand the basics of the science behind quick freeze technology, here are some ways it can create opportunities for your business:

  • Reduced Bacterial Growth — Many natural products like foodstuffs can harbor harmful bacteria such as E. Coli and Salmonella in their fresh form. These dangerous bacteria can multiply at an alarming rate in just a few days, but blast chilling can kill these pathogens at super low temperatures, ultimately creating a healthier product for your customers.
  • Extended Shelf Life — All freezing extends the shelf life of products, provided they’re kept frozen, but the small ice crystals formed during blast freezing helps stave off freezer burn for even longer by limiting their ability to form a lattice pattern that slowly grows.
  • Preservation of Flavor and Texture — Because the cell walls of the foodstuffs aren’t bursting from the large ice crystals formed during a typical freezing process, the thawed and cooked products from quick freezing more closely resemble their fresh counterparts in texture as well as taste.
  • Shorter Processing Time — Blast freezing more quickly chills anything inside similar to how standing in front of a fan will cool you off more quickly than standing in a cool room with dead air. That means you can preserve more product in the same time, expediting your cold chain.
  • Less Damage to Product — How often do you thaw frozen foods and find that they’ve seeped a significant amount of liquid? That’s evidence of ruptured cell walls, and all of the leaking liquid is full of flavor being lost. But the smaller ice crystals formed in blast-frozen foods will more closely resemble its fresh state upon thawing.
  • Simple Long-Term Storage — After you’re finished blast freezing your products, there’s no need for specialized freezer equipment for long-term storage. You can use the best freezer for your products’ needs.
  • Increased Nutritional Value — From the moment meat is cut and vegetables are harvested, nutrients are deteriorating from the food. But quick freezing stops nutrient decline as quickly as possible.
  • More Efficient Staffing — With blast freezing, staffing isn’t needed to constantly monitor the freezing process, which means they can be carrying out other tasks as the blast freezer works. And short freezing timelines means less need for 24-hour staffing, limiting shift surpluses in times of less demand.

Utilizing a blast freezer for foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals can help you create a better-looking and more consistent product for your customers. Now they don’t have to choose between a nutritious meal and a convenient one. To learn more about our quick freezing services and how it can simplify you cold chain planning, reach out to our team.

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