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MWCold’s Commitment to its Workforce

One of the most important measures of our success at MWCold is our employee retention rate. We have a mission to provide a family environment where employees can find acceptance, opportunity, and purpose, and retention rates are one of the most measurable ways to see we are achieving it.

It is our belief that undervalued employees seek positions elsewhere, but experienced and content employees consistently perform better. It is with this and the values of our founder Howard D. Foley in mind that we have built a network of benefits and safety nets for our team to shape a better future and put their minds at ease:


Open Communications

Good communication is frequent, functional, and fun, and we strive to hit all three. Employees can access company communications and policies privately at any time from our internal company portal and MWCold provides a monthly all-hands meeting we call The Blast to communicate new company updates and draw cash prizes for those in attendance. Though simple, our commitment to transparent communications is the cornerstone upon which the MWCold honor code and culture are built.


Future Planning and Financial Security

MWCold has your fiscal needs covered right now and looking into the future. In addition to their expected compensation, MWCold team members are given a dollar for dollar 401k match up to 4% and a financial wellness program to plan for retirement and learn more about budgeting and investing. Achievers looking to seek more training have access to tuition reimbursement up to 50% of approved course costs. And if they have an emergency crop up unexpectedly, they can access up to half of their paycheck before payday with our PayActive portal. We know that the best way to keep our team happy is to provide financially because that’s the reason they’re working here.


Health and Wellness

MWCold is nothing without a strong and healthy team. That’s why we offer medical, dental, prescription, free life up to $25k, and long- and short-term disability insurance to cover all your bases. Onsite, MWCold has a smoking cessation program with the Mayo Clinic helps to support recovering nicotine addicts and a fitness center and wellness programs for a quick workout or a full plan or competition to keep you on track to meet your health goals.


Holidays and Time Off

Healthy work life balance include periodic breaks from the workplace, which for MWCold employees includes paid holidays and two weeks of PTO in the first year of employment. Holidays get extra recognition with a $25 Thanksgiving gift card and Christmas celebration and bonus of $100 + $25 for each year of service.


Service and Community

MWCold has made a commitment to community outreach working with UNITE INDY, Rise Against Hunger, Riley Children’s Hospital, Mary Rigg Community Center, Midwest Food Bank and Outreach Inc., and we encourage our team to give back their time as well with 8 hours of paid time off per employee for community service with these organizations or a nonprofit of their choosing.


These benefits and more are available for all workers with MWCold as a commitment to uplift and secure their livelihood as well as that of the local community. With an industry ripe for job growth and a company dedicated to workplace contentment, there’s no better place to be.

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