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Merchandise Warehouse: The Midwest Cold Pharma Technology Experts

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We all see the pharmaceutical ads on TV every day, and it appears they are working. Chronic disease medications such as Enbrel and Neulasta are having a huge impact on the logistics, warehousing, cold pharma, and supply chain management industries. As the need for these life-saving medications increases, so does the need for the development and use of more advanced packaging, cold storage warehousing, and temperature-controlled transportation methods. Current trends indicate that all segments of the supply chain should be preparing or already have the processes in place to appropriately manage cold pharma products in accord with today’s laws and regulations.

To stay relevant (and in business), these industries need to be equipped and knowledgable about how to correctly store cold pharma products in the right temperature-controlled environments with consistent temperature mapping. Because of the difficulty and expense required to package, store and ship these products, many companies opt to use a third-party logistics provider (3PL) like Merchandise Warehouse. Let’s take a quick look at what separates Merchandise Warehouse from standard 3PLs:


How Merchandise Warehouse is Using Cold Pharma Technologies in 2019

The last decade has seen a massive upswing in attention being paid to the cold pharma supply chain, and for good reason. But, to what result?:


  • The “last mile” of the supply chain is becoming more popular. One reason is because of the innovative idea of delivering single dosages of medication to patients directly to their door. Merchandise Warehouse is adept at optimizing last mile deliveries so consumers can be sure they will receive their medicines within in moments of the estimated time of delivery.
  • An industry-wide reevaluation of profitability of air freight alternatives such as shipping by sea.
  • A shift from single-use, temperature-sensitive packaging to reusable rental or leased models.
  • One of the most important cold chain technology being employed today is geolocation, and smart devices are making it possible. Geolocation can reassure manufactures, supply chain managers and end users of exactly when and where their medication was or will be delivered.


By focusing on last mile delivery, shipping by sea instead of by air, rental containers instead of one-time-use ones and geolocation technology, retailers can ensure their customers more efficient and less expensive delivery costs.


Refrigerated Transportation

Today’s medications have many more active (or live) ingredients than in years past, which result in shorter shelf lives. These medications have more stringent allowable temperature restrictions. This makes it imperative that temperature control regulations are followed at each phase of the supply chain to the letter.

Even medications you would normally assume would be fine being kept at room temperature could cause serious injury. Just in case, to avoid spikes from minor shifts in ambient transportation, protocols to need to be put in place beforehand. Merchandise Warehouse is prepared for all Controlled Room Temperatures (CRT) situations, which may arise.

Lives are at stake. Merchandise Warehouse is a 3PL that understands that.


Cold Pharma is More Than Business

Toby Peters is a cold economy professor at the University of Birmingham in England. During a recent speech on cold storage, he said, “It’s critical that we look at the entire cold supply system, not just individual technologies.” His comment emphasizes the need to look at cold pharma storage technologies in broader terms than just expiration dates and shelf life extensions. The use of smart and progressive supply chain technologies is important for a couple of life-changing reasons:


  • It allows small farmers, let’s say in Africa or India—for example—to drastically increase their profit margins and gives them access to potential customers across the globe.
  • It can get specific medications to people in dire need from anywhere on the planet in time to save their lives or quality of life.


Peters elaborates, “It’s not cooling for the sake of cooling, it’s cooling for the sake of creating value, societal benefits.” Each year we see advances in cold storage technologies that make it easier for perishable foods, frozen foods items, and pharmaceuticals to make their way around the world without risk of damage or decay.


The Midwest Cold Pharma Experts

Keeping foods and pharmaceutical products safe is more than just good business, it’s a global humanitarian issue. When it comes to cold pharma and the implementation of the latest and greatest cold chain storage technologies and practices, you need to work with an experienced, reliable 3PL. The professionals at Merchandise Warehouse are cold storage technology experts. They have a proven 50-year track record of maintaining the integrity of raw materials and finished pharmaceutical product storage in temperature and humidity controlled rooms. The temperature of these products is monitored and mapped throughout the entire supply chain.

With the goal of surpassing industry standards, Merchandise Warehouse also provides value-added services such as quick freezing, which is a refrigerated air flow process that freezes products much more quickly than most 3PLs. They also have deep freezing capabilities that reach lows of 20 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. To work with the Midwest cold pharma experts, reach out to Merchandise Warehouse today.

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