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Merchandise Warehouse: Supply Chain Day 2019

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Supply chain seems to be on everyone’s lips these days and it’s no wonder. With the continuing boom in online shopping and logistics innovations, supply chain is constantly being discussed. However, the best way to understand logistics and supply chain management is to head behind the scenes with the experts to get an up-close-and-personal look at how all the pieces work together. Companies, individuals, and institutions can do this on Supply Chain Day. This year it falls on April 11, 2019.


What is it Supply Chain Day?

Supply Chain Day is a special, non-profit event held once per year when companies in the industrial, trading and logistics sectors give the public a window into everything that goes into supply chain management. It’s an international movement founded in Germany that encourages countries all over the world to participate in their message and educate their communities. Institutions may share research projects and local colleges may discuss their curriculum for supply chain and logistics-related majors.

This year’s theme is “Logistics Pave the Way,” and the aim is to show people just how to do that. Participants gain a more intimate knowledge of the ins-and-outs of the industry, which gives the public a better idea of everything that goes into their shoe order from Zappos to their diabetes medicine.


How Can I Get Involved?

The great news is any company or institute of higher learning associated with the supply chain industry can get involved. For some companies, that means working with their local association to produce a multi-company event. For others, Supply Chain Day 2019 might be a multi-event day at their warehouse or headquarters. The only requirements are it should be free and in line with the “spirit” of Supply Chain Day.

Each organizer (either independent company or association representative) can create the kind of Supply Chain Day they would like to have. It may include tours of warehouses or plants, an interactive game, a panel of employees who talk about how they interact with the supply chain, or a presentation. The sky’s the limit so long as it includes supply chain! The organizer can then register their event so it can be recognized as part of this important day.


How Do I Get People to Come to My Event?

Once the event is registered, contact local media to gain exposure and create interest. Register the event with the home city’s events calendar. Contact local colleges and universities as a way to reach students who may be interested in a future career in supply chain related majors. Send an email to your email lists and optimize your reach using social media. Finally, invite area businesses which are or may use supply chain services so they can participate in a no-pressure environment to see if they’d like to pursue a relationship or add features to an existing relationship.


Supply chain is becoming an ‘it’ word in business today. Its long-stretching arms touch many businesses and industries well beyond just logistics. To learn more about Supply Chain Day 2019 or just supply chain in general, contact Merchandise Warehouse today!

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