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Merchandise Warehouse: GCCA Recognized Energy Conservation Standards

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Merchandise Warehouse has achieved GOLD status recognition in the 2019 Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) Energy Excellence Recognition program. Their Indianapolis warehouse facility qualified for this recognition after a comprehensive review of their online Energy Management Assessment (EMA) and their historical performance data from the Energy Reporting Model (ERM). This recognition is reserved for warehouse facilities that demonstrate exceptional efforts to increase energy efficiency and manage its usage.

Finding ways to measure and improve energy efficiency is crucial in the cold storage industry. Managing energy consumption is one of the highest expenses cold-storage warehouses face—second only to labor costs. The GCCA program was established in 2018 to encourage temperature-controlled warehouses:

  • To build energy conservation into their culture
  • To have programs in place to evaluate their current practices
  • To look for continued areas of improvement
  • To collaborate with their partners to create sustainability initiatives across the supply chain

The Energy Excellence Recognition Program’s goal is to achieve a 10% decrease in energy consumption worldwide. Through the program, temperature-controlled warehouses and cold chain 3PLs are evaluated on different data sets including their energy consumption, product throughput, wet & dry bulbs, and cubic footage. The GCCA’s assessment tools give warehouse facilities the ability to self-monitor their performance, receive valuable recommendations for improvements, and obtain resource links to help them promote energy efficiency concepts to their customers. The Global Cold Chain Alliance is unique in that it’s the only association that serves the entire global cold chain. Click here to get involved and enjoy the many benefits and innovative programs offered by Global Cold Chain Alliance.

Merchandise Warehouse is proud to receive the 2019 Energy Excellence Recognition Program award. It reflects the Merchandise Warehouse ongoing commitment to the use of energy-efficient technology and implementation of sustainability practices. If you are looking to partner with a warehouse facility that takes energy conservation seriously, contact Merchandise Warehouse, the award-winning Midwest cold-storage leaders.

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