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How Strong Company Values Lead to Good Client Experiences


Having a set of company values has been a standard part of corporate America for quite some time, but how frequently do they fade into the background as a nice sentiment on the about page for your website? At MWCold, we make our company values the center of our decision making and hiring processes. We believe that a workforce with its value system at the forefront knows how to communicate more effectively and solve problems more quickly.

A large number of company values, when taken to heart, can create a better customer experience. We’ve put together some ways MWCold’s 3PL client relations have improved based upon the values we strive to uphold:



In our workplace, respect goes beyond admiring good qualities in others. We show respect through listening, collaborating, and serving everyone we meet to the best of our ability.

MWCold emphasizes a culture of mutual respect because we believe all humans are equal independent of their circumstances. It doesn’t matter whether you are a high-paying client, employee, business partner or passerby. That’s why we give direct contact information for our C-level team to all of our clients big and small in case of emergency. By offering respect, we find that clients are happier and more willing to treat us with respect, which breaks down barriers and leads to quicker problem solving.



Integrity is more than a consistent application of morality. Integrity in our workplace means doing the right thing every time even if no one is there to see it.

Integrity encompasses a wide array of valuable traits: Honesty builds trust that clients can rely upon. Teamwork gets the job done quickly and efficiently. Transparency keeps lines of communication open. Dedication solves difficult problems that require extra attention. These attributes and many more come together in integrity to create better outcomes for clients and our team alike in the face of a crisis as well as everyday interactions.



We believe professionalism is a trait that exceeds the competence and skills of your position. A professional is dedicated and reliable both in their craft and in treating others as equals.

A professional is productive and manages their time efficiently. A professional is a problem solver and takes initiative. A professional communicates clearly and builds relationships with colleagues, clients, and other professionals. A professional does a lot of things that contribute to the health of the company as well as their own career and social needs. It builds trust in clients and your team, and a professional atmosphere can often head off problems before they crop up.

Choosing a 3PL business partner with strong company values means you can feel rest assured your business is in good hands. Respect, integrity, and professionalism are the values our third party logistics team works toward in their relationships with our clients and internal team. By choosing MWCold, you’re choosing a teammate to bring the best possible experience to your customers based in principles.

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