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How MWCold is Fostering Lifelong Supply Chain Careers


It’s a common attitude that supply chain work is a young man’s game with a highly physical demands, low pay, and poor benefits. But that cannot be further from the truth at MWCold. When we were founded by Howard D. Foley in 1951, it was his mission to provide a family environment that fostered acceptance, opportunity, and purpose in the workplace. Three generations later, and that is more true today than ever. If you’ve ever considered a career in supply chain, keep reading to learn how we’re more than a short-term gig: 


Building from Good Values

We have a high standard of our team members and ourselves when it comes to moral character because we believe that it benefits our employees and our clients alike. This is built upon the pillars of the MWCold core values: We respect each other through listening, collaborating, and serving others. We act with integrity, doing the right thing even when no one is there to see it, and we act like professionals through dedication and reliability. By embodying these values at every level of the organization, we’re creating a collaborative workspace that can encourage career growth over the long term. 


Providing Robust Benefits 

In order to maintain a happy and healthy team, a good employer must provide a system of benefits capable of supporting a lifetime’s worth of celebration and hardship. At MWCold, we believe that means going beyond state-mandated minimums. In addition to our health insurance, 401K program, and PTO, we have put together an employee wellness program and a wide variety of additional benefits and bonuses specifically targeted to the needs of supply chain workers. All in all, we provide 33 compensatory programs beyond a paycheck to keep our teams happy, healthy, safe, and prepared to work with us.  


Creating Opportunities for Advancement

MWCold is a growing business with plans to expand beyond Indiana for the first time ever this year. As our services grow, we need a team ready to take on more, and our family legacy has shown us the value of promoting knowledgeable team members from within. Because of this, we are committed to setting goals and continuous follow ups with every member of our organization to encourage growth toward their long-term career goals.


Keeping Communication Open

Good communication is the mortar that holds a business together. In order for us to succeed for our clients, our team from billing to accounts management to warehouse workers to truck drivers and beyond must be in good communication. It is our belief that professional discourse should be frequent, functional and fun (or at least friendly). It’s for this reason that we provide access to management and all other teams in our buildings open. Many of our greatest ideas come from new hires and entry-level employees. In a traditional office atmosphere, it would be hard to enact change coming from these voices, but we work to keep meetings and itineraries inclusive to nurture career growth and create problem solving opportunities in every setting.


Protecting with Safety Systems

Supply chain work can be a highly physical job. There are things you just cannot do with a broken arm or a pinched disc. This is why MWCold is committed to continuous and comprehensive safety systems training and improvements. An unsafe atmosphere could end a supply chain career, and we’re not willing to take the risk on our employees’ health. Each week, our team reviews safety topics affected by the previous week to guard against repeat offenses and to allow all team members to suggest meaningful and logical changes to SOP. 


Supply chain careers come with challenges and opportunities just like any profession. That’s why at MWCold we work to keep communication lines open, create opportunities for growth, protect our workers, and take time to celebrate together. If you’ve ever considered a career in logistics, keep at it. Maybe someday you’ll be part of our team. 

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