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How a Supply Chain Hub in Ohio Can Benefit Your Business


MWCold has announced its plans to expand its warehousing services to Massillon, Ohio. Though the new warehouse will begin at 100,000 square feet when opened in 2022, the 14-acre location will allow for significant growth in years to come. 

The logistics industry is primarily driven by location: location of warehouses, location of transit opportunities, location of clients, and locations of customers. It’s built into every aspect of the business. So naturally MWCold was thinking critically about the location for its next warehouse when Ohio was selected to give our clients every advantage. Here are just some of the advantages we uncovered while selecting Massillon: 


Major Metros Within Reach

Our next location in Ohio is one day’s drive or less from five of the ten most populous metropolitan areas in the U.S. With its split-difference location, you can reach Chicago, NYC, Atlanta, DC, and Philadelphia and everything in between with little notice and no need to splurge for air transit. Not only does this allow your business to cut costs, it can also help reduce your supply chain’s carbon footprint. 


Air Cargo Adjacent  

Though Massillon is a small city of just over 32,000, it is still only an hour away from Hopkins International Airport in Cleveland. A warehouse located within a major metro could experience more than an hour in traffic before reaching the airport, which means this location gives your logistics team the same quick access worldwide at small town prices.


Trade with Canada

If your business is looking to export to Canada, there’s nowhere better to be than northern Ohio. The state shares the closest border to Canada’s largest metropolitan center, Toronto, and it’s less than a day’s drive from it and the Capitol as well as many others of the country’s largest cities. 


Access by Sea and Rail 

Massillon is one hour from the Port of Cleveland if your freight is typically transported in a containership. Rail access allows for a container’s quick return to port, and Massillon is the epicenter of three railroad interchanges, which allow for a direct route no matter your product’s final destination. 


The Best Minds in Strategy Within Reach

Five of the top ten schools for supply chain management in the U.S. are less than 5 hours from our next warehouse. Ohio State, Michigan State University, Penn State, University of Michigan, and University of Philadelphia are pushing the limits of logistics education with new graduates each year. Our access to the next generation in supply chain will bring increased innovation and create opportunities for your supply chain to compete globally for years to come. 

eCommerce has made speed and accessibility crucial to a modern supply chain, which is why Macy’s, Home Depot, Amazon, Gap, Dollar Tree and more have invested in locations in Ohio. Getting your cargo from point A to point B is easy when point A of your logistics distribution operations are in Ohio. Get ahead of the line, and reach out to your supply chain team to learn more about positioning your business for success. 

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