Happy New Year, MWCold family! We’re certainly glad for a new start. 

After such a tumultuous year, it’s likely you have some aggressive business goals to try to make up some ground, and we’d love to help! You may have never thought of it, but we think our services can make a big difference in how much growth you see this year. Here’s how: 


Reduced Warehousing and Logistics Costs

This is the primary advantage a 3PL over in-house logistics operations. 3PLs pool the resources of many businesses and deliver better technology, a reliable fleet of vehicles, and one centralized team that serves them all. For most businesses, this means significantly reduced costs and overhead immediately, which rapidly increases your bottom line. 


ABC Product Priorities

When we make an inventory management plan for your business, we track your sales volumes for each product and which products are most frequently purchased together. From this, we create 3 tiers of products we call A, B, and C priorities to lay out your inventory in a way that is most easily accessible for fulfillment. This saves labor costs, but it also creates valuable insights into products that potentially cost you more than they’re worth and which products for your sales team to be promoting together.


A New Network of Customers

By working with a third party logistics provider, you’ll be sharing a warehouse, sharing personnel, and sharing a truck with other businesses to get your products where they need to go as quickly and efficiently as possible. This creates many opportunities for collaboration with other businesses not just in shared costs but in shared sales as well. If you’re commonly using the same transit systems to arrive at the same destination, there’s a good chance you’re looking for the same customers too.


Just in Time Logistics Planning

In case you don’t know, just in time is an inventory management technique in which demand and manufacturing forecasting are used to perfectly time the arrival of raw goods and finished products just in time for them to be used or purchased. This strategy is a great way to minimize warehousing costs by reducing their down time, which makes it a perfect fit for increasing profits in 2021.  


An Opportunity to Focus

When your business has an in-house logistics planning team, management has to devote a portion of their time to oversight, planning and refinement. In the case of the small business or start up, they may even be picking, packing and shipping boxes themselves. These things take away from their primary goals of reaching new customers, improving products, and cultivating good customer experiences. Working with a 3PL significantly reduces these responsibilities, so you can stay focused on what makes your business great.


We’d love to be part of your growth plan for 2021, and we think we have a lot to offer. These are the advantages we offer every one of our clients, but really they’re just the tip of the iceberg. If you’d like to find more ways to improve your efficiency, reach out to learn more about our targeted logistics planning.