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Considering the Future of Alternative Storage Options

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Business is booming, and the warehouse that has served you adequately for years has suddenly become deficient. Yours is a problem shared by many warehouse providers. The mad quest for answers and inventive solutions to address the lack of warehouse space is on. One solution: adjust the supply chain warehouse to accommodate the ebb and flow of inconsistent, unpredictable, and unreliable e-commerce traffic. Alternative storage options are inestimable in the drive to make the best use of available space and possibly generate more space. Here are two revenue-saving, alternative storage options.


Reverse Logistics

Consumers generally see product returns as an unavoidable, arduous process, doomed to rouse frustration and dread. Manufactures, retailers, and distributors regard returns as a nagging irritation, a non-contributing cost center, and a pathway to possible customer dissatisfaction. Last year, American consumers returned a staggering $260 billion dollars in goods to retailers. For many sellers, the process of caring for product returns has been mostly handled on the fly, on an as-needed basis.

For as long as goods are being sold, there will be returns, so the issue of most effectively handling those returns is a matter meriting serious examination. Many successful companies have realized that the returns system results in serious cost. According to a study by comScoreinc, 63% of U.S. online shoppers look at the returns policy before making a purchase. An effective product returns strategy will address products flowing “backward” in the supply chain. Identifying and eliminating unnecessary returns can help to protect your company’s bottom line.

Because more companies are offering more liberal return policies, consumers are more likely to purchase products, and then return them if they don’t work out. Warehousing companies do well to anticipate the growth in returns and secure warehouse space to accommodate product inventory as well as a growing number of returns. This foresight is another alternative warehouse spacing solution.


Scalable Warehouse Space On Demand

Although a successfully growing business is a cause for jubilation, it’s not surprising that unanticipated growth may usher in a disturbing predicament. Finding a warehouse suitable for addressing your company’s consistently burgeoning needs may prove to be an unexpected problem.

The solution? Innovative options to address the need for warehouse scalability and reduce the lack of warehouse space. Temporary trailers are one effective means of merging inventory and warehouse space. These mobile warehouses may be used for years. They can be easily moved from place to place, and they allow companies to scale their warehouse space according to demand.

Temporary storage space and mobile storage units are forward-thinking solutions for business or construction seasonal overflow. An efficient warehousing network, offering scalable space on demand, can sell more of your inventory by ensuring your products are consistently available.


The Airbnb-like Warehousing Storage Model

One of the greatest and most frustrating obstacles to commerce is storage. Having the warehouse space you need near your customer is one means of ensuring customer satisfaction. An alternative solution to the warehouse space shortage comes in the form of the 2019 Airbnb-like storage unit warehousing trend.

In this on-demand economy, on-demand services are becoming so integral to our daily lives that millennials can’t fathom a world without them. Not surprisingly, on-demand warehousing services are also becoming a reality. The Airbnb-type warehouse storage model connects businesses with warehouses that have space to spare. This model is a practical solution to the warehouse space shortage dilemma.


In this era of high expectations for faster deliveries, a warehouse that is truly outgrown is in jeopardy. Meeting the needs of the fast-growing e-commerce companies is crucial to the continued success of your enterprise. The experts at Merchandise Warehouse are fully prepared to address your company’s warehousing needs. Contact us for further information today.

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