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It’s a multi-billion industry that is run with absolute precision. It has a physical footprint that covers more than 4 billion cubic square feet across the country. Everyone benefits from it, yet few in the general public fully appreciate its impact on their daily lives.

It’s the cold storage industry, and it serves government agencies, grocery stores, manufacturers, healthcare organizations, research centers, food processing companies and restaurants.

Cold storage is the lifeblood of companies, organizations and agencies that require precise temperature controlled environments. Yet it remains one of the most misunderstood industries in the nation.

Temperature-Controlled Storage
Cold storage facilities like ours at Merchandise Warehouse provide precise, temperature-controlled spaces in which to store products. These warehouses are designed to protect products from moisture, heat and the sun. Temperatures typically range from 0 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Freezer spaces are designated as areas where the temperature is 0 degrees and lower.

Product Focus
Cold storage facilities are most commonly used to store fresh and frozen food, such as fresh meats, produce, dairy products and frozen items. They are also used to store medicines, batteries and electronic devices.

Supply Chain
As technology has advanced, cold storage facilities have been integrated into supply chains for all of the industries they serve. This unbroken and uninterrupted process of storage, transportation and distribution protects both companies and the consumers who purchase their products. Our facility also offers blast-freezing and tempering services, as well as storage, handling and inventorying of goods.

Let Merchandise Warehouse Be Your Resource
As industries seek temperature controlled facilities for the storage of their goods, many have turned to our team of experts. Warehousing is our core competency, and we strive to provide a superior level of service by understanding and anticipating customer needs, engaging our team to meet those needs, and exceeding expectations. Whether your needs are for cold or dry storage, we can help. Click below to contact us or to request a quote for your warehousing needs.

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