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Celebrating 70 Years of MWCold

Three generations of family have worked to make 70 years of MWCold’s commitment to provide for their community and employees a reality. Howard D. Foley founded the company with that vision in mind, and this legacy has since been handed over to Don Foley and then to Tim Siddiq to oversee.  Currently, four grandchildren are involved in the business: Tim, Sharif Siddiq, Jenny Foley, and Don Foley Jr. 

2021 marks 70 years since the company was founded, so we are taking a moment to look back at where MWCold came from, where it is today, and a look to the future as we plan for the next 70 years of supply chain and community service: 


A Supercooled Beginning

MWCold was founded by Howard D. Foley in April of 1951 under the name Merchandise Warehouse.Howard had seen success working as the general manager of the Indianapolis Public Warehouse before then but had a dream to provide better service with a supply chain business based on family values. In 1953, he purchased the company’s first tract of land, built a 50,000 square foot warehouse and office, and then doubled it in two years. 

The company began branching out into its now namesake cold storage solutions in the early 1960’s. This attracted major attention of local businesses, and so another 10,000 square feet was added to the freezer room in 1964. When the company lost Howard to an unexpected end, his son Donald Foley Sr. took over in 1972. He quickly learned that the cold storage Howard had a vision for came with great opportunities for the company and continued expanding temperature ranges and storage space throughout his time leading the company’s growth to 400,000 square feet including an additional 100,000 square feet of freezer space.


An Ice Palace Present

In 2009, Tim Siddiq, grandson of Howard D. Foley, climbed to President and CEO of the company, marking the handover to the third generation of the family-owned-and-operated business complete. Just like his predecessors, Tim greatly appreciated the business opportunities afforded the company by their focus on cold storage solutions. 

Part of the original warehouse built by Howard was replaced in 2016 with a new space for state-of-the-art freezers with 45-foot ceilings and other supply chain technical advancements made in the 62 years since its grand opening in 1951.

In 2018, MWCold opened a 160,000 square foot facility in Pendleton, Indiana, expanding its footprint outside of Indianapolis.  Tim then blazed the trail to rebrand the company in 2019 to honor Howard’s instinct for cold storage with a new name: MWCold. Cold storage solutions now comprise 95 percent of all of MWCold’s business. 


A Crystalline Future

Now more than ever, MWCold commits itself to provide a safe work environment built on family values where employees are treated professionally with respect and integrity as we build toward a new vision of the future that includes more expansion, inclusion, and community outreach than ever before.

In the near future, you will learn of our expansion into Ohio so stay tuned for updates and watch us grow again.

Our MWCold family has achieved success by going above and beyond for customers and employees alike, and they hope to continue for the next 70 years. That’s why you can reach out to MWCold 24 hours a day, every day.  

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