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Advantages of a Career in Logistics

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When many think of working as part of the supply chain, they consider two options: driving a semi or a forklift. And while these jobs are plentiful and useful, there is a lot more behind a career in logistics than just those two paths. And all of them come with certain perks that used to be standard but have become less common in many workplaces. Here’s how:


Logistics are complicated and varied. So while you may not be able to expect the same experience day in, day out, you will be able to depend upon the stability of having an in-demand career for as far into the future as we can see. Our society is built upon workers producing goods and then selling them to others who need them, and there is always going to be an intermediary to deliver products to customers in a way that is efficient and effective. Working in logistics, your job can’t be shipped overseas or halted in the face of a global pandemic. That’s about as recession-proof as professions come.


There was once a time that supply chain workers were considered unskilled labor meant to be filled by temp workers, but the globalization of most supply chains has changed that considerably. Now there’s more specialization, technology, and training needed than ever before to run a supply chain efficiently, and it is reflected in compensation. Not only does a career in logistics come with a competitive salary but great benefits as well, including health care, retirement plan, holidays, PTO, wellness incentives, signing bonuses, and more.


A career in logistics no longer means you’re working a dead-end job. That is, unless you want it to be. A supply chain career has the capability to get hired on with zero experience, get trained, learn from leadership, seek certifications, and advance again and again to develop your career on your own terms without road blocks like a mandatory master’s degree. Logistics is one of the last industries where experience counts as much as education. But if you want to seek more education, we can offer that as well with our tuition reimbursement program of up to $2500 per year.


If you’re looking for a career with flexibility, growth potential, and mobility, supply chain work is the right choice for you. Logistics touches every corner of the globe, which can make it easy to move from place to place while building your career or feeling stable in your hometown. And if you ever decide to leave the logistics industry, working within it will help you build transferrable skills like time management, technology integrations, manufacturing practices, tracking regulations, team building, and more.


Supply chain work is demanding. It requires a certain level of dedication that can go unnoticed in other industries, and as such, it creates strong bonds between coworkers as well as business partners throughout the industry and around the globe. If you’re wanting a career with a strong sense of community, you’ll have it in the logistics industry. And that means both having a team to lift you up when life gets hard and a strong network beyond your immediate team if you ever outgrow your company.

A career in logistics can look like just about anything you want it to be. It can help you put down roots or give you opportunities to travel the world. It can lead you up the ladder or give you comfort without it. Supply chain work is honest and has a far-reaching impact. Sound like something you’re interested in? Join our team today.

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